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Levitra Tablets in Pakistan

Keep Your Pleasure Longer With Levitra

Levitra Tablets in Pakistan is one of the best medicines for erectile dysfunction or physiological weakness. This product is from Germany and has been sold widely in Pakistan. You can find Levitra tablets in Pakistan easily on the internet. Actually, the market price of Levitra is quite expensive, but it provides a good result for the users. This pill is only used to support your sex life not to cure your penis sickness. Pharmacists claim that every Levitra pill contains Vardenafil. It is the substance which helps to inhibit PDẸ in men body. It makes the blood flow to the penis more and prevents the blood go out too much. As a result, the penis is more erectile.

Who Should Use Levitra

Unlike Penegra, Levitra does not use to replace the medicine. It is used as the drug to treat and support the users’ erectile dysfunction or physiological weakness. Therefore, their main users are those who have a poor sexual health and trouble with erectile dysfunction.

How To Use Levitra

Firstly, this supportive medicine is only used for men. It has three different contents which are 5mg, 10 mg and 20mg. The Levitra tablets in Lahore is quite different from the Levitra tablets in Karachi and some others places in Pakistan. It has 2 tablets per pack.

In case, you use it for the first, you should buy 5mg Levitra for your safety. However, if you drink a 5mg pill and it does not work, you can use the next 5mg. However, you should drink 10mg or 20mg after drinking the first one.

The users use this drug before having sex around 30 minutes to an hour. It can work up to 4 to 6 hours when a man feels excited or he is stimulated. You can only drink 1 time/day and do not drink more than 20mg. If you have drunk 20mg and it does not show any result, you should go to the doctors for checking.


Packing Market Price Discounted Price
20Mg Levitra Tabelts (4 tablets) x 1 pack Rs 3000/- Rs 2500/-
20Mg Levitra Tabelts (4 tablets) x 2 packs Rs 5500/- Rs 4500/-
20Mg Levitra Tabelts (4 tablets) x 3 packs Rs 7500/- Rs 6000/-
20Mg Levitra Tabelts (4 tablets) x 4 packs Rs 9000/- Rs 7500/-
20Mg Levitra Tabelts (4 tablets) x 5 packs Rs 10500/- Rs 8500/-


Although Levitra has had the clinical test and already tested on the animals and provide a good result, it still has many symptoms on the users. Therefore, you must be careful while using this one. Its common symptoms are: - A headache, dizziness, dyspepsia, nausea or constipation. - It also causes an increase in the rate of heartbeat and your pressure. In case, you have the history of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure…, you should not use this one.

Lots of users commented that after buying Levitra tablets in Pakistan, they drank and had sex. Unfortunately, their penis was not back to normal and they had to wait for 2-3 hours. As you see, the drug is still working after you have sex. Therefore, if you want to continue the second, keep drinking your current Levitra content. However, if you do not want to have more, you should consider using the lower drug content. Moreover, the experienced users’ comments also show that the main symptoms after they use Levitra are constipation and blood pressure. Thus, you must read the Levitra description carefully before using it.


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