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Penis Extender in Pakistan

Penis Extender in Pakistan

Penis Extender in Pakistan

Penis Extender in Pakistan We have surgeries for making anything possible. Technology has evolved that we have right from face surgeries, tumor removal surgeries to penis surgeries. Penis surgeries increase the size by using advanced techniques. Side effects may be experienced by the individual as surgeries forcefully boost the penis size.

Penis Extender in Pakistan is a savior for those who want to increase penis sizes. It involves no surgeries, no medications, and no dietary control. Just like exercising every day improves muscles, penis extender stretches the penis. Read on through the end of the article to know more about the penis extender in Pakistan and how to use for efficient results.

How to use?

Penis extender in Lahore consists of a base ring, noose, cradle, strap and extension rods. Insert your penis through the base ring as it is the entry point. Adjust the extender till you are comfortable and strap the comfort pad. Adjust the traction of the device. You can adjust the rods till you feel comfortable. If you want to increase tension (traction), turn the knobs towards the penis.

After you gained the results, do not stop using the extender at once. It will result in injuries or other side effects. Go on using 2 hours a day for a week and then 1 hours a day for the next week. Follow this decrements process and stop using penis extender in Pakistan after you got desired results.


It is recommended to use 1 to 2 hours per day, Loose shorts and pants will be comfortable. The cycle of usage is stated below.

Keep penis extender in Pakistan up to 1 hours.

Take it out and give 15 minutes break time.

Place it again for 1 hours.

15 minutes rest time.

And the cycle goes on.

If you experience pain or any other issues, take it out from penis for some time. For effective results, people should use it for 2 to 3 hours a day but we know about the lifestyle of people these days. Place penis extender in Lahore based on your comfort timings. If it is less than 3 hours, then also you will see the results but takes more time for an increase in penis size.


Penis extender in Pakistan is one such way to increase penis size naturally. As stated above, the procedure works on the principle of traction, careful while using the extender and if you feel discomfort then take it out for some time. Get your product of Pro extender in Pakistan online from My Sex Medicine website.

adapt the tension grade (traction) of the device. Two bars run the extent of the penis shaft, which can be adjusted to suit the yearned tension i.e. you can boost the stress on the extender by turning the knurled knobs toward your penis.


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